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Catalog - IV Fronteira Festival

Publicado em 17/04/2020

Festival makes available the catalog of its fourth edition with texts that reflect on the films shown in its program.

Fronteira Festival joins the chain of dozens of artists around the world who have now made their films available for free in a time of isolation and reflection, to publicize the catalog of its fourth latest edition. There are countless texts dedicated to the films that made up the international competitions, translations of seminal articles on the work of Roberto Rossellini organized by Adriano Aprá, as well as reflections on the works of Stephen Broomer and Lee Anne Schmitt, the “Filmmakers on Frontier” of this edition. In this way, Fronteira seeks to broaden the debate in relation to these authors whose works are now open for viewing online. For this reason, we linked in the comments films shown in our fourth edition, such as those by Broomer and Schmitt, as well as by other authors who were part of the festival's program in different shows such as Ephraim Asili, Sky Hopinka, Safira Moreira, Scott Barley, Saul Levine, Jodie Mack, Fern Silva, Anne and Gabraz, Ed Bland, Rei Souza, Rafael de Almeida, Silvana Beline, Gabriela Ruvalcaba and Yuji Kodato, Léo Richard and Jacques Perconte.

Link for the catalogue:


Eu sou o Rio, Anne e Gabraz (competitiva de longas)

Wasteland nº 1: Ardent Verdant, Jodie Mack (competitiva de curtas)

Anti Objects, or space without path or boundary, Sky Hopinka (competitiva de curtas)

Mondo LXXV, Rei Souza (competitiva de curtas)

Travessia, Safira Moreira (competitiva de curtas)

LEE ANNE SCHMITT (Cineastas na Fronteira)

STEPHEN BROOMER (Cineastas na Fronteira)

Wide Awake, Rafael de Almeida (Cadmo e o Dragão)

Diriti de Bdé Buré, Silvana Beline (Cadmo e o Dragão)

Ladridos, Gabriela Ruvalcaba e Yuji Kodato (Mostra Visões da Destruição)

Ride like lightning, crash like thunder, Fern Silva (Mostra Visões da Destruição)

Womb, Scott Barley (Mostra Visões da Destruição)

Light Lick, Love Stain, Saul Levine (Mostra Visões da Destruição)

Patiras, Jacques Perconte (Mostra Visões da Destruição)

New Left Note, Saul Levine (Mostra Às primaveras que virão)

Dislocation Blues, Sky Hopinka (Mostra Às primaveras que virão)

Le passant integral, Léo Richard (Mostra Às primaveras que virão)

The Cry of Jazz, Ed Bland (Mostra Experimentos da diáspora africana)

Fluid Frontiers, Ephraim Asili (Mostra Experimentos da Diáspora Africana)