Fronteira Festival


(Young Juri IFG) Katsuya Harada

Katsuya Harada is a first-year undergraduate student in Cinema and Audiovisual graduation course at IFG. He performed as an assistant director of a short film produced by the Operahaus Cinema Institute, which hosted two film-themed workshops at the Federal Institute of Rondônia, five short films produced by students of the same institution and cast assistant of the producer Bruno Felsmann during his search for actors in Ji-Paraná. He also worked in scenic field, as a sound technician at the competitive theater show held in Ji-Paraná at Dominguinhos theater, official photographer of the theater group that presented Margins and also performed in two plays about family or child abuse. He holds a degree in Information Technology from the Federal Institute of Rondônia, a degree in Cinema from the Operahaus Cinema Institute and has participated in two editions of the Campus Party.

(Young Juri IFG) Marcos Paulo

He holds a degree in Audiovisual Production from the Federal Institute of Goiás - Goiás Campus and is a current student of Cinema and Audiovisual graduation course at the same institution. He has experience in directing, directing photography in university short films.

(Young Juri UEG) Bárbara Santana

Student of the 5th period in UEG’s Cinema and Audiovisual graduation course. She is the President of Panorâmica Filmes, a Junior Film Distribution Company. As a monitor, she has performed in various events both inside and outside UEG, such as Goiânia Mostra Curtas, Morce-GO, GO Film, DIGO and Perro Loco film festivals and the Cinema and Audiovisual Week (SAU) and SEJA - Gender and Sexuality on Audiovisual, both at the UEG. In addition to her participation in several film workshops happened in Goiás, she worked as art assistant, production assistant, assistant director, production director and co-director in short films and webseries.

(Young Juri UEG) Bruna Chamelet

Student of the 3rd period in UEG’s Cinema and Audiovisual graduation course. She is a trainee at Cine Cultura and a scholarship holder at the Institutional and Interdisciplinary Center for Ethnic-Racial Relations, Gender and Sexuality at the UEG Extension Pro-Rectory, where she develops documentaries about these subjects. She has been working in several UEG cinema extension projects, such as Cineclube Laranjeiras, Cinema and Audiovisual Week (SAU) and SEJA - Gender and Sexuality on Audiovisual.

Amaranta Cesar

Amaranta Cesar is a Cinema and audiovisual professor and researcher of the Federal University of the Bahia Recôncavo. She has a PhD in Cinematography Studies from the Paris University 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle. She has idealized and is on the curators for the CachoeiraDoc - Documentary Festival of Cachoeira. She has published articles and book chapters on African Cinema and on Diasporas, Native Cinema, Documentary and Activist cinema.

Hernani Heffner

Hernani Heffner is Conservative Chief of the MAM Cinematheque and professor at PUC-Rio (licensed) and AIC-RJ.

Stephen Broomer

Stephen Broomer (b. 1984) is a filmmaker, publisher and film preservationist. He holds a PhD in Communication & Culture, and has written books on the history of Canadian artists cinema. He has given public presentations of his film restoration work at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Canadian Film Institute, and his own films have screened at Views from the Avant-Garde, TIFF Wavelengths and S8 mostra de cinema periférico.


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