Fronteira Festival


Premiação do IV Fronteira

Competitiva Internacional de Longa-metragem

- Best Feature Film – Official Jury

Tremor – Es isimmerKrieg, Annik Leroy (Belgium, 2017, 92 min)

"A courageous and direct investigation into the permanence ofEuropean trauma, with its anguish, sadness and misunderstanding that apparently never ends, and at the same time a lucid questioning of this position and attitude, with an end that bets on joy and hope.

- Jury’s Special Prize – Official Jury

Eu Sou o Rio, Anne e Gabraz (Brazil, 2017, 78 min)

“Radical portrait of the artist in his moments between creation and devastation, with respectful intimacy, great câmera work in capturing performances, appropriate aesthetic options and na anthological post-credit sequence."”

- Best Feature Film – Young Jury

Era Uma Vez Brasília, Adirley Queirós (Brasil, 2017, 99 min) 

“The film offers us a radicalized view of the effects of the political coup in society, showing a social class ethnofication in the middle of the periphery of Ceilandia. Social characters evoke the desires of a more just society and a new political beginning. Directly and philosophically criticizing the human act of just peaking and not having any real action under the problem, evidencing Brazilian hypocrisy and its neglect of real problems.”

- Best Feature Film – Audience Prize

Era Uma Vez Brasília, Adirley Queirós (Brasil, 2017, 99 min) 

Short Film International Competition

- Best Short Film – Official Jury

Babylon, Keith Deligero (Philipines, 2017, 20 min)

“The surprising and surreal approach of comedy in the context of a Philippines on the verge of a tyrannical attack, by revealing a comic inventionability rarely seen on the experimental scene.”

- Jury’s Special Prize – Official Jury

Rosa, SaifAlsaegh (EUA, 2018, 17 min)

“Delicate and yet rigorous audiovisual poem, the film accurately investigates powerful media and metaphors the threat that accompanies time, the weariness of time, the attempt to extinguish memory and na entire culture."

- Honorable Mention – Official Jury

Travessia, Safira Moreira (Brasil, 2017, 5 min)

“First Brazilian audiovisual gesture addressed to the gaps, forgetfulness and violence of a whole society, made with delicacy, affection and attention to the powers of time that is fixed in a photograph, in a cinematographic câmera and in all our memories as spectators.”

- Best Short Film – Young Jury

Babylon, Keith Deligero (Philipines, 2017, 20 min)

“The film is unpretentious in bringing out the dirtiest side of dictatorial regimes, by working on aspects of a fantastic narrative. The film denounces this moralistic and authoritarian policy that contributes gradually to the extermination of the marginalized groups of the society. Still sarcastically, we have a work that proposes us not only reflection on the context in which we live, but also a sense of redemption capable of arousing real desire for rebellion.”

- Best Short Film – Popular Jury

Polte, Sami Van Ingen (Finland, 2018, 15 min) 


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