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Juri Fronteira - About award-winners

Publicado em 27/03/2017


• Melhor Filme, pelo Júri Oficial: Sol Negro, de Laura Huertas Milan (Colômbia/França/EUA, 2016)

Sometimes a film is a place we have to go back to, not to find solutions, but to inhabit life. Sol Negro is the place of fragility, of the open wound, of the beauty has happens between small and big gestures.


• Prêmio Especial pelo Júri Oficial: Los (De)pendientes, de Sebastian Wiedman (Argentina/Colômbia, 2016)

For an editing used as a tool for construction of a political discourse, reaffirming the critical function of the images, and thus giving them a contemporary meaning.



• Melhor Filme, pelo Júri Oficial: Sleep Has Her House, de Scott Barley (Reino Unido, 2016)

With extremely poor means (an iPhone), the filmmaker was able to elaborate, with no use of words, an astonishing sounding and visual poem that leaves the spectator is a state of levitation, under a healthy spell.


• Prêmio Especial do Júri Oficial: Território, de Alexandra Cuesta (Equador/EUA/Argentina. 2016)

Some fragments of well observed landscapes that are redirected in their minimum details. Without any grandiose discourse, and with a fare exchange with the participants, these fragments write a fresh documentary, with both a geographical and social character.