FRONTEIRA - International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival is an international film festival dedicated to films that resist the predominant forms of film language, questioning prefabricated world views and offering new ways of seeing, thinking and perceiving reality. The festival is held by the Barroca Artistic and Cinematographic Productions and is in its third edition, which will take place in Goiás city from 11 to 15 November 2016 and in Goiânia from 16 to 25 March 2017. The idea is to bring new films in Goiás and in most  times premiered in Brazil, from various places a significant overview of global and Brazilian contemporary cinema. In the first edition were screened 122 films and in the second edition 115, with an average of 3,500 people passing through our cinema event.
In our previous editions, were gathered for 10 days a multiple number of aesthetic experiences in traditional spaces of cultural resistance in Goiânia and the interior of Goiás. The festival international competitive exhibitions of short and feature films, special shows, retrospectives, cinema critic's residence, workshops, lectures, conversations and commented sessions. The festival has exhibited films from some of the most important documentaryand experimental filmmakers of the world as Harun Farocki, Andrea Tonacci, Abigail Child, Laura Mulvey, Ken Jacobs, Petter Hutton, Phil Solomon, Raul Perrone, Clarisse Hahn, Khavn de La Cruz, Bruce Baillie, Stan Brakhage, Paul Sharits, Nathaniel Dorsky, Rogerio Sganzerla, Helena Ignez, Sylvain George, Adirley Queiroz, Jacques Perconte and Jean-Claude Rousseau.
The Fronteira project was born from the desire to cause dislocations and opportunities of free cinema experience and expand these artistic enjoyment opportunities to border areas where many worldviews meet, different historical times get in conflict, producing disputes of different groups , redefining boundaries, violence and resistance. In the festival scope, the documentary stands out as it produces the camera instability with those it shoots, and those who work with it. It is believed as the borders of language. It also demarcates the experimental film as a bifurcation tradition, superposition of narrative and non-narrative experiences. The idea of the human frontier unfolds in cinema experience, above all, the film facing the industry, made in different parts of the world, but also deeply marked by the territorial dimension.
III FRONTIER - INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF DOCUMENTARY FILM AND EXPERIMENTAL is funded by the Goiás State Fund for Culture, Goyazes Program - Incentive Culture Law from Goiás,  Municipal Law from Goiânia Culture and PROEXT MEC / Sisu with support of the Federal University of Goiás and the Federal Institute of Goiás. - Campus City of Goiás. It has artistic direction of Marcela Borela, Henrique Borela and Rafael Parrode.